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Put Your Survival & Army Skills into Practice

Put Your Survival & Army Skills into Practice

These experiences are a great way try something completely new and very out of the ordinary. You can choose from a range of activities perfect for families, friends, couples and individuals alike. Nowadays, it is never a bad idea to learn basic survival and army skills, as we never know when that information and training could come in handy! Whether you’re thinking about joining the army and want a taster of the army life, or you just want to enjoy some unique experiences and create lasting memories, these gift experiences offer it all!

The Best Army Training Experience Days

The Best Army Training Experience Days

We offer plenty of experience days which will truly give an insight into life in the army and will give you the chance to gets your hands dirty with some combat experience. Continue reading to find out some of our top picks!

Dads & Lads Tank Experience

This adrenaline-fueled adventure will take any father and son, (or mother and daughter) straight onto the battlefield, with the chance to drive 2 laps in a fully decked-out tank around a historical World War Two bombing range. With the Dads & Lads Tank Experience, not only can they drive this powerful machine, but they will take it in turns shooting paintballs out of a modified cannon attached to the tank at a range of targets…see who can hit the most! To add even more to this already exciting day, this experience offers some additional facilities to enjoy, including a lovely café for a spot of lunch, and an on-site museum displaying a wide array of historical tanks.

Air Rifle Shooting Experience with Exploding Targets for Two

A crucial part of being in the army, is the ability to shoot, and to shoot accurately! With the Air Rifle Shooting Experience with Exploding Targets for Two, you will have the chance to see just how good you are with a rifle in your hand. With a combination of competition targets and reactive targets to aim at, this experience will test your nerve and reaction speed. Don’t worry about ammunition, as much as you want is provided for the hour that this experience lasts. To finish the day with a bang, participants are invited to show off what they have practiced with the chance to shoot at some exploding pyrotechnic targets. There will be no doubt about whether you’ve hit the target!

The Best Survival Skills Experience Days

The Best Survival Skills Experience Days

We offer a wide range of experiences which give people the chance to learn about surviving in the wild and channeling their inner Bear Grylls. Continue reading below to find out what some of our most popular survival skills experiences are.

Full Day Bushcraft Experience

Learn all about using the natural environment to your advantage to survive in the wild with the Full Day Bushcraft Experience. Whether it is using branches to make shelter or learning how to create a fire in the wild, this unique experience will teach you some of what there is to know about how the great outdoor can support you should you ever find yourself in a survival situation. Maybe you’re looking to clue yourself up on some bushcraft ahead of a camping trip, or you’re just looking to try something new, this experience offers you the chance to enjoy the great outdoors whilst picking up some unique skills along the way.

Bear Grylls Challenge Plus for Two

Everyone knows that Bear Grylls is at the main man when it comes to surviving out in the wild with nothing but your intuition. This being said, with the Bear Grylls Challenge Plus for Two, choose from a selection of activities including archery, high ropes, shooting, and climbing, to test both your mental and physical strength. You will also have unlimited access to the Royal Marines-inspired assault course throughout the duration of your visit, which is a great chance to get a bit competitive and see who can complete it the quickest.

Survival & Army Skills Locations

Survival & Army Skills Locations

The exciting survival & army skills experiences are based across the UK in some truly beautiful locations. Whether you are interested in the various bushcraft experiences set in the natural green woodland of Hampshire and Somerset, or you wish to throw yourself into the various adventure activities location at the NEC in Birmingham, there are activities and location to suit everyone.

Having taken some inspiration from reading this, we hope that you will choose Activity Superstore to buy your army & survival gift experiences! We always endeavor to have something to suit everyone’s needs but if there are any issues you have, or questions, then don’t hesitate to customersupport@activitysuperstore.com.

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