• Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
  • Kid's Spy Camp
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Kid's Spy Camp


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In a nutshell

  • Complete secret agent training tasks
  • Code breaking, weapons training + much more
  • Selected weekend dates


The ultimate experience for any young secret agent.

With this exciting spy experience, you will learn the skills needed to be a top-secret agent. You will take part in a variety of secret agent training tasks such as learning survival skills, code breaking whilst the clock ticks down, pistol training, target shooting with a high powered .22 air rifle with a telescopic sight. Can you hit the target?

Finally, you'll move on to the laser challenge, have you got the agility to get past the laser beams or will you trigger the alarms?

The ultimate experience for any budding Bond or Charlie's Angel.

Note: No live ammunition or weapons are used in the activities to comply with current Legal and Health & Safety legislation. Weapons used are a combination of air rifles, replica and laser guns.

Key features

When can I go?

This experience is available on selected weekend dates, March to November.

How long will my experience last?

Your experience will last approximately 3 hours.

How many people is this experience for?

There will be a maximum of 12 participants in your group.

Can I bring family and friends?

You are welcome to bring two members of your family or friends to watch you on the day.

What else do I need to know?

The minimum age is 10 years, maximum age 16 years.

General fitness is required for this activity. If you have any medical conditions or take medication please advise the centre when you arrive.

You do not need previous spy experience to participate in this experience!

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  • South East - Buckinghamshire - Milton Keynes

Kid's Spy Camp

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