Father’s Day Trends for 2022 and Dad Experiences He’ll Love

Father’s Day Trends for 2022 and Dad Experiences He’ll Love

Last updated on 13 January 2022

The past year has been a rollercoaster, but somehow we’re closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. That being said, the final day of restrictions lands on dad’s special day. There has been some debate about lifting current limitations to make sure fathers and father figures across the UK spend much-needed quality time with their families as well as what people’s plans currently are in light of restriction rules. As we dive deeper into what the UK population are thinking, we want to remind our customers that we are here to provide gift experiences dad will love, whenever and wherever he (and your family) feels ready to make unforgettable memories. Not everyone will feel safe to venture out into the “new normal”, but we hope that once you do, you will explore our Fathers Day gifts with experiences that range from track days to weekend away gifts and more.

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How does the UK plan to spend Father’s Day?

Our sister site Find Me a Gift created a survey to see how the UK population is spending Father’s Day 2022. 2,004 people across the UK took part in this survey. It gives a clear insight to the thoughts and feelings surrounding this year’s celebrations for dad’s special day.

Spending time together

Spending time together was one of the most important factors to a number of Brits with almost a quarter (24%) agreeing with this fact. 29% of women stated they want to spend time with their fathers in comparison to only 18% of men. If restrictions didn’t play a role in Father’s Day 2022, the top 5 Father’s Day activities chosen by the British public are:

  • Have a family meal indoors (21%)
  • Meet indoors (21%)
  • Meet in a restaurant (19%)
  • Go to the pub (18%)
  • Visit other family members (18%)

Nevertheless, under current restrictions, the UK population will opt for one of the following activities:

  • Meet in a garden (23%)
  • Meet outdoors in a park/area of natural beauty (13%)
  • Order a takeaway (12%)
  • Meet virtually (11%)
  • Have a family meal indoors (10%)

Money vs Memories

Only 16% of women and 13% of men plan to spend more money this Father’s Day. With a year of the pandemic and a lack of physical contact between families, it is evident that, now more than ever, loved ones want to create memories with one another rather than spend money on a grand gesture. That being said, 29% of Gen Z are willing to spend more on their dads this year in comparison to other age groups, and 16% of Gen Z plan to see their dad whatever the restrictions may be (all being well, we’ll be hugging our dads a month before Father’s Day!). A vast majority of Gen Z, aged 16-24, will have been away at university for a large period of the pandemic, therefore not able to see their dads. There’s a lot of time to make up and grand gestures are certain to remind dad just how special he is no matter where he is in the world.

In Find Me a Gift’s findings, they have also created a mini guide on how to safely celebrate Father’s Day this year which you can read here.

Father’s Day Gift Experiences

The results of Find Me a Gift’s survey shows it is clear families can’t wait to reunite and begin making memories with one another without restrictions. One of the best ways to do that this Father’s Day is to give dad a unique gift he can experience in the near future. Not all our top picks are family-oriented, but perhaps Dad wants some alone time after a year of staying at home with his lovely family. Whatever dad’s wishes this Father’s Day, Activity Superstore are here with a tonne of dad gifts he will love.

Steam Train Ride

Discover tranquil countryside and historic transport that you simply can’t get anywhere else in the world. Hop aboard one of the greatest inventions known to man and enjoy a ride on a steam train that has ferried passengers to and fro for over 200 years. Available at a number of locations UK wide, you will get to experience stunning British landscape whilst sitting back and relaxing with Dad.

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Historic Towns and Cities Break for Two

Treat dad to a weekend away gift which includes hidden gems, national treasures and the chance to enjoy a short break from daily life. He can choose from 50+ UK cities and towns as far or as close to home as he likes. The stay is for two nights and includes a delicious breakfast too, so he can start the day with a full stomach, ready for hours of basking in British history.

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Segway Thrill for Two

Get dad on a futuristic machine that will bring out his competitive side. This dual-wheel mode of transport can hit speeds of up to 13mph, so challenge him to a race across various rough terrain and see who comes out on top. There will be a guide on hand throughout the hour-long experience in case dad can’t quite grasp it. Safety instructions will be provided before handling any machinery.

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Helicopter Buzz for Two

Let dad fly high in the skies with this helicopter experience which will make him buzz with anticipation. With 40+ nationwide locations to choose from, dad can pick a place he’s always wanted to see, and he gets to have the best seat in the house. Well, helicopter. From glorious cities with a world of secrets within them to rolling fields in the peaceful countryside, he’s sure to find this experience one he’ll never forget.

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Outrun the Police Interceptors at Prestwold

If dad has always wondered what it would be like to take part in a car chase like his favourite action films, this is the perfect experience to let him outrun the police all sirens blazing without actually getting a record. He will have an experienced accomplice (driver, not a real criminal) riding shotgun to guide him to freedom. He’ll drive 4 laps and will enjoy a passenger ride in a 4×4 after his victory (or capture)!

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Double Supercar Taster

For the dads who adore fast, powerful, sleek supercars, this Father’s Day gift experience allows him to drive not one, but two supercars for three miles each around the racetrack. The choice of cars includes a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan GTR and more. There will be a powerhouse supercar which calls to dad on the day. Dad will also enjoy a high-speed passenger ride to see how the pros whip around corners and blast along the track.

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Paintballing Experience for Four

Dad has the chance to grab his three favourite soldiers and get them ready for a battle they’ll never forget. The troop will be fully kitted out in head and body protection, given 100 paintballs and the latest USA-spec rapid fire semi-automatic machine gun. Depending on his chosen location, Dad and his comrades might find themselves in a purpose-built jungle, post-apocalyptic London or other battlefield, ready for action.

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Ultimate Family Driving Experience for 4 at Prestwold

Rally the family for this unique driving experience parents and kids can enjoy. Choose three driving activities. From 6 laps in a rally car and 30-minute Segway ride to 4×4 off road drive and steering a HGV 38T, there’s plenty of exhilarating choices. A certificate will be presented at the end of the day to remember what a fun and thrill-seeking family you are.

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Vineyard Tour and Tasting for Two

If your dad enjoys a fine wine every chance he gets, treat him to a vineyard tour and tasting experience. In a choice of vineyards across the UK, he and his chosen wine connoisseur can learn about what it takes to make a full-bodied bottle of wine, from grape to shelf as well as the history of English wine. Lunch is available at most vineyards, making this experience one a wine lover won’t forget (unless he plans to drink too many bottles).

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Liverpool FC Stadium Tour for Two Adults

Calling all father fans of the red men. If your dad supports Liverpool FC, he’s sure to want to take a peek inside the famous Anfield Stadium. This self-guided tour, complete with multimedia handsets, will make sure dad walks in the footsteps of his favourite players past and present. Unique elements of this stadium tour include a simulated press conference, the chance to sit in Jurgen Klopp’s seat and a visit to The Liverpool FC Story, a museum which features over 120 years of LFC history.

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Ultimate James Bond Experience at Prestwold

Capture dad’s golden eye this Father’s Day with the ultimate James Bond driving experience. He can drive the classic British sportscar featured in seven of the Bond films, the sleek Aston Martin and the Land Rover Defender which Bond drives in popular action scenes. Plus, he can see how the pros do it (not quite Bond, but the next best thing) during an off-road passenger ride in a 4×4. Dad will receive a certificate to remind him he could be the next Bond if he just so happened to fall into MI6 territory.

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Mega Choice for Him

Let dad decide which activity he wants to try this Father’s Day with the Mega Choice for Him gift pack. There are an impressive 550 options he can pick from, from adventure activities like sailing and rock climbing to food experiences such as cheese tasting and tapas with sangria.

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Family Supercar Driving Blast at Prestwold Driving Centre

Get the whole family involved with a thrilling day out pushing the pedal to the metal in a supercar blast around the racetrack. Two adults and two children can choose their favourite supercar and drive three miles each. Don’t worry, an expert instructor will be in the passenger seat during each drive to make sure every member has the best experience in the safest way possible.

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Whatever you plan to do this Father’s Day, make sure it is an unforgettable occasion with Activity Superstore. It has been a heck of a year, so the whole family deserves a treat. If you need some ideas on how to spend Father’s Day safely, our sister site Find Me a Gift has figured it out so you don’t have to.

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