Gift Wizard

Gift Wizard

Last updated on 11 February 2022

Christmas is fast approaching which means Christmas gift shopping is looming. For some, buying Christmas presents is a breeze, whereas for others it’s a daunting time of year that can often leave us feeling deflated. With that in mind, the Gift Heroes at Activity Superstore have been busy working their magic to create our new ‘Gift Wizard’. The Gift Wizard is a tool anyone can use when they need gifting inspiration, whether that be for Christmas, birthdays, or any other special occasion!

How Does It Work?

Our Gift Wizard works by taking into account your preferences on 3 simple questions. Firstly, you’ll be asked how much you are looking to spend on your gift. We have gift experiences for all budgets so there will be affordable gifts and more luxury gifts available to choose from. You’ll then be asked what type of gift experience you want. From driving days to gifts for couples, our Gift Wizard has experiences suitable for everyone! Finally, you will need to choose a location. This can be a specific region or nationwide – we have gift experiences available all across the UK! The Gift Wizard will then work it’s magic and provide you with a list of tailored gifts perfect for your recipient. Simple!

The Magic of the Gift Wizard

We understand that sometimes gift finding tools can often leave you feeling more overwhelmed than when you started! You’re often faced with pages of results with no more understanding or inspiration. The Activity Superstore Gift Wizard, however, is different! You will be given 12 unique and handpicked gift experiences based on your answers to the 3 simple questions. This therefore gives you plenty of choice whilst still narrowing down the search nicely for you. It will have a combination of best-sellers and ‘mega-choice’ vouchers, so there will something to suit all tastes!

An Example of the Gift Wizard’s Magic

Our Gift Heroes are very proud of how simple the Gift Wizard is to use. In as little as 7 clicks, you will have 12 fantastic gift experiences ready to buy for your recipient. For example, if your budget is £50-£100 and you were looking for driving gift experiences in the south of England, you would be presented with some great gifts such as ‘Classic and Iconic Drives’ or an ‘Ariel Atom Thrill’. Go check it out for yourself to see how easy our Gift Wizard is to use!

Further Inspiration

If you are looking for more general gift inspiration, then head to our Inspiration Page. Here we have a variety of great gift experiences organised into categories based on highly rated, special offers and many more! This page is perfect if you’re not sure on your budget and just want to browse some great experiences that have been tried, tested and loved by many.

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Gift Wizard