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Know a particularly fearless friend? Someone who has been waiting for this day to come? Well the apocalypse is here, and the end is nigh.



Round up the troops and get ready to commence a thrilling adventure of battling the dead and searching for any method of survival. There has been a Zombie Apocalypse and you and your team will need to have the right skills to avoid capture and help save the rest of civilisation. From apocalypse training to fighting these flesh eating creatures with a team of fearless friends, we have a list of all things ‘zombie’!


Horror Tours

As well as zombie horror, we can offer haunted tours of some of the UK’s most cursed cities and if you’re feeling really brave we have a terror tour, where… well… who knows what will happen. Whether it’s just the two of you feeling courageous and up for an adrenaline filled day or night, or whether you have a particularly fearless group of friends, we have the ultimate list of horror based experiences for you to choose from, at your own peril. 

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