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About Bungee Jumping Experiences

About Bungee Jumping Experiences

Bungee jumping is a fun and exciting activity, perfect for any adrenaline junkie who doesn’t mind heights and enjoys living life on the edge. No matter which Bungee Jumping Experience you choose, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will never be forgotten. With your feet on solid ground, you will be given all the necessary safety instructions before you are fitted with your harness and winched into position. Then it is time to take the plunge. Make memories you will cherish forever whilst the wind blows in your face as you either plummet towards the ground, or are launched upwards towards the clouds, at speeds in excess of 60mph!

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

All of the experiences which we offer have been fully health and safety tested and on the day, there is a qualified instructor to talk you through all of the safety precautions to make sure that the day is enjoyable but safe. Those taking part are weighed, before being strapped into a harness with an expert making sure everything is secure and compact. Before you can experience the rush of bungee jumping, additional health and safety checks will be carried out just being the jump to ensure that all the equipment is in good condition and attached properly so that nothing can go wrong. All you will have to do is enjoy yourself!

The Best Bungee Jumping Experiences

The Best Bungee Jumping Experiences

There are a variety of Bungee Jumping Experiences which we offer, ranging from solo and tandem jumps to entire afternoons of adrenaline fuelled activity. Continue reading to find out some of our favourites.

Bungee Jump at the O2 Arena

If you’ve ever visited the O2 Arena, then you will know what an awe-inspiring building it is. The Bungee Jump at the O2 Arena is located right next to the landmark itself and it will be the last thing you see before you are plummeting towards the ground at speeds exceeding 60mph. Feel the force of 2g on your face as you leap head first, with adrenaline pumping round your body. This truly is an experience to remember, and you will have the opportunity to buy photos and videos of your jump at the end!

The Launch

The Launch is a Bungee Jump experience with a twist. Whilst you are put into a harness and attached to a single bungee cord extended far into the sky, a friend or family member waits nearby…with their hands hovering over a big red button! Counting down from 10, with a single press of this button, you will be shot up 120ft into the air before hurling back towards the ground with the reliable bungee cord keeping you out of harm’s way. This is an experience, different from anything you will have experienced before and will definitely provide some photo-worthy moments, perfect for showing your friends.

The Triple Whammy at The Abyss

If you wish to have an afternoon filled with adrenaline fuelled activities, culminating in a Bungee Experience sure to get your pulse racing, then The Triple Whammy at The Abyss is a great experience to try. Not only does it offer the chance to fly through the air on a 250ft indoor zipwire and abseil into the abyss from 150ft in the air, the day will finish with the main event…The Drop! Travel a further 143 steps higher into the air for your final buzz of the day. You will experience a sensory overload as you take a leap of faith and plummet towards the ground, attached to a bungee cord of course. Be adventurous and throw yourself out of your comfort zone with this unique and heart-racing Bungee Jumping Experience.

Bungee Jumping UK Locations

Bungee Jumping UK Locations

There are Bungee Jumping Gift Experiences situated all across the UK from London, all the way up to Edinburgh, but being so high up, wherever you decide to try this amazing activity, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views from miles around which will be the last thing you see before jumping. Whether you want to remain relatively close to home, or you wish to use it as an excuse to travel and explore somewhere new, you will be able to find a stunning location that suits you.

Having hopefully taken some inspiration from reading this, we hope that you will choose Activity Superstore to try out a Bungee Jumping Experience! We always endeavour to have something to suit everyone’s needs but if there are any issues you have, or questions, then don’t hesitate to customersupport@activitysuperstore.com.

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