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Microcar Experience

Experience driving one the worlds smallest cars.. Beep Beep

2 locations

Valid until: 01/01/2019

You're welcome to bring friends and family along to watch.

Product code: AYMI


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There aren’t many motors that can make a smart car look spacious, but this dinky little vehicle manages that and more. Never has the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed’ been more apt, as this car has most of the features you would expect to find on a full-sized model, but in mesmerizingly miniature form.

One look at this tiny car is enough to make anyone want a go, and this experience is a chance to really put this teeny machine through its paces. Drivers will get to try putting this adorable automobile through its paces on an obstacle course which will see them testing their skills with a slalom, a bridge, a jump and more.

This experience begins with a warm welcome from a friendly instructor who will give the driver some pointers on how to ensure that they make the most of their experience in this minuscule motor. They will demonstrate the controls and explain how to navigate through the course.

Then it’s time to be folded into the driver’s seat (no passengers, of course) and start the engine. This is no ordinary track day - it’s not a speed test, but there will be a chance to tackle some obstacles that will give the driver a chance to put the micro car through its paces. The slalom is a test of handling whereas ‘walk the plank’ is a test of the driver’s nerve and there are a number of other obstacles which will provide an opportunity to find out just how versatile these cars are.

After triumphing on the track, each driver will be issued a certificate to prove that they have mastered the controls of one of the world’s smallest cars - the perfect way to remember a truly unique driving experience.

Key Information

When can you go?

This experience is available on selected weekend dates, throughout the year.

How long does this activity last?

This experience will last approximately 1-1½ hours.

You need to know

The minimum age for this experience is 14 years old.

The maximum weight is 114kg (18st).

This is for a voucher entitling the holder to any of the activities supplied by Activity Superstore up to the value stated.

You and how many others?

This experience is for one person, there will be other people there on the day.

Family and friends

You're welcome to bring friends and family along to watch.

We can’t control the weather!

This activity is dependent on appropriate weather conditions.