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Blindfold Driving for Two

Do you trust your partner?

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Valid until: 01/01/2019

You're welcome to bring friends and family to watch!

Product code: AYBD


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For most people, the idea of driving a car blindfold is a terrifying one, but if you know someone who would love the opportunity to try something completely out of the ordinary then this is the perfect driving experience. This activity is one which will test both the nerves and the communication skills of the participants as they take on the challenge of navigating a 4x4 around a track, with one behind the wheel and one giving instructions.

This is an ideal day out for anyone who loves driving and enjoys having their abilities tested. Drivers will need to trust their partners and listen carefully to the instructions they are given and navigators will need to be clear and decisive in order for everyone to complete the course in one piece.

This experience starts with a safety briefing that may sound like a contradiction in terms given the nature of the activity, but will nonetheless go some way towards preparing everyone for the task ahead of them. Then it’s time to learn about the controls of the 4 x 4 with an instructor who will prepare each participant to help them to understand the best way to tackle their part of the experience.

Each pair will start with ten points and the challenge is to retain them all as they traverse the course. The driver will be completely blindfolded so they will be totally reliant on their navigator to direct them around the course. For their part, the navigator will need to give clear and concise directions and try to avoid hitting the markers which have been placed throughout the course to test the team’s skills.

Points will be lost if the vehicle hits any of the markers or if any physical intervention is needed to avert disaster. Anyone who still thinks that this might not be sufficiently difficult will be pleased to learn that the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ will be replaced with alternatives, making the whole process even more tricky for everyone involved.

Key Information

When can you go?

This experience is available on selected weekend dates, from March to December.

How long does this activity last?

This experience will last approximately 1½ hours.

You need to know

The minimum age is 17 years old.

This experience is not suitable for those with heart conditions, back problems or if you’re pregnant. The maximum weight is 139kg (22st).

This is for a voucher entitling the holder to any of the activities supplied by Activity Superstore up to the value stated.

You and how many others?

This experience is for two people, there may be other people there on the day.

Family and friends

You're welcome to bring friends and family to watch!